Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a “chronic bacterial infection” that destroys gums and bone holding your teeth in your mouth. Periodontal disease links to major health problems like heart disease, diabetes and is the #1 reason for tooth loss.

Why do I have Periodontal disease?  Systemic and Habitual Factors

ex: clenching, grinding, smoking and/or poor home care

How do I treat Periodontal disease?  1st step is Scaling /Root Planing and site specific antibiotics

Scaling and Root Planning

Scaling and root planning is the first non-surgical step. This procedure requires numbing and is a deeper, more extensive cleaning. The purpose of the appointment is to remove toxic deposits that are under and around the gums. Once the deposits are removed, we place site specific antibiotics under the gums. After S/RP, you will be on a perio maintenance program in an attempt to maintain your health.


Perio Maintenance

Perio Maintenance is for patients who have a “chronic bacterial infection” causing bone loss that requires cleaning of all teeth above and below the gum line. During the appointment we check and monitor the depth of the pockets and bone levels. These maintenance appointments are required every 3 months in attempt to maintain bone levels.