Our Mission

Our mission is to foster enduring relationships while focusing on education and prevention. We provide the highest quality dental care with the greatest integrity for our patients in a comfortable atmosphere. Without bias, our office treats not only teeth but people.


Craig Q. Adams, DMD, PA

Doctor of Dental Medicine


Born in Paducah, Kentucky on October 4, 1961, I became a Kentucky Wildcat fan from birth. Although my family moved to Cleveland, Ohio for my junior and senior high school years, my loyalty never wavered. My bad knees are proof of the years of basketball and football I played growing up. To get away from the cold winters of Cleveland, I chose to attend the southern most public college in Ohio, Miami of Ohio, graduating in 1983 with a B.A. in Chemistry. I went back to my roots to the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and graduated “Top Clinician” in my class of 1987. I started practicing dentistry in Raleigh in August of 1987. I am honored to serve as an adjunct faculty member at both the UNC School of Dentistry and the University of Kentucky School of Dentistry.

My daughter, Taylor, graduated from the University of KY in 2019, so the Big Blue blood passes on! Taylor presently lives in Colorado and loves to snowboard. My son, Jack, met the Lord after a tragic accident on July 20, 2017. This event changed me forever. Love you, Jacko!! I have a toddler born in January 2020 named Annabella Grace Adams. “Bella” is a true joy! She is cute and sweet beyond description.  I have a dog Pearly Q. She is a 140lb Turkish Akbash who is a big lover.  My “happy spot” is Lake Gaston for both the serenity and the water sports. My hobbies include skiing, biking, golf, hiking and cooking on my Big Green Egg. I have participated in 20 or so medical and dental mission trips abroad and am currently leading University of KY dental students on mission trips.

My motto: It’s not the years in your life but the “life” in your years.

William B. Cheek, DDS, PA

Doctor of Dental Surgery


As a native of Raleigh, I have always known I wanted to make both my home and my career here. My family has been right here for four generations, so we have deep roots in this area. I went to undergrad at NC State University majoring in Zoology, minoring in Design and Economics, and was a Caldwell-Fellows Scholar. NCSU is a legacy in our family – my father, mother, uncle, sister, in-laws, and wife all graduated from NC State – so needless to say, I was destined to be a Wolfpack fan! I attended UNC School of Dentistry and graduated with honors in 2006, also receiving the Hillenbrand-Lupton Award for Academic Excellence in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the graduating class. During school I frequently visited with Dr. Adams, who was also my family’s dentist, and knew then that this is where and with whom I wanted to practice.

My wife, Taylor, also a Raleigh native, and I married in 2003. We met at Sanderson High School, started dating our senior year and have been together ever since! We have been blessed with two adorable and quite active children: our son, Jennings, and our daughter, Emma. In whatever spare time I might have, I enjoy hanging out with our families, going to the beach, fishing, keeping a project of some sort going, exercising, and watching as much football as I can manage!


Our Core Values

We have been fortunate to attract a population of patients that become family as well as clients in our practice. Your wellbeing is always our preeminent concern. Many of us have been working together here at Adams and Cheek for many years. We have a strong sense of family amongst ourselves as we serve you. The commitment we have to one another breeds confidence for you as our patient(s).

Seemingly a simple concept has become less than the norm in doing business in today’s world. It means the world to us when a patient feels and says, “I trust that you will do what is best for me.” We appreciate your confidence and will continually work to build a mutually trustworthy relationship. We abide by the simple and basic principle of doing what is best for the patient at all times.

We provide Platinum service for reasonable fees. We understand dentistry is not inexpensive – especially for those without insurance. Our goal is to provide top 1% service / dentistry for upper middle class fees. Our goal is to do it RIGHT the first time. We know your time is valuable. We will make the best use of your time possible when in our office.

It goes along with honesty. Your impression of our character is very important to us. We will never hesitate to do the right thing.

We are fully aware that many patients are not fond of visits to the dentist. Our goal is to earn your trust and confidence over time. We have overcome fears of MANY patients with compassion, even hand holding if necessary. Medications to minimize your anxieties can be prescribed on an individual basis if needed.

Life is too short not to have fun throughout the day. We hope you will hear laughter in our office. Please know that we are very serious about the quality of dentistry we provide, but also know that we like to have fun while working with you. We have found over the years that a few ounces of laughter help provide a more comfortable setting for you as the patient as well as make our work environment a happier place.

Often times patients are unaware of the quality of dentistry provided to them. As your health care provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that the product we deliver to you is the best available. We have to be consistently diligent in scrutinizing our work to be sure you receive the best dentistry available.

We are committed to educating ourselves and our staff to provide you the best services available. We well exceed the norm in continuing education annually. Be assured we never rest on our laurels but rather consistently challenge ourselves to work to the next level of excellence. Educating you as the patient is also a prime focus for us. We firmly believe that the better educated you are, the better decisions we can make together regarding your dental care. We also firmly believe that the more you know about how to enhance your homecare, the better. We are in the business of helping you achieve optimum dental health. Education in this arena is invaluable.

Take A Virtual Tour

Below is a short video tour of the Adams & Cheek Dentistry Office on Raven Ridge Road in North Raleigh. We are conveniently located off Durant Road in the Falls River Shopping Area.