What would you say if someone told you there was a simple way to prevent cavities?! What would you say if you learned that it is relatively inexpensive and takes less than 1 minute?

The good news is that there is! Fluoride treatments after dental cleanings have been shown to prevent future decay up to 75%.  That means 75% less chance of a need for fillings, crowns, and even extractions!

Fluoride varnish is the newest, most effective way to deliver sodium fluoride to erupted teeth.  Varnish is a topical form of fluoride.   This means that it is applied to the tooth surface.  Fluoride that is added to water and ingested is considered systemic fluoride.  Systemic fluoride is especially important when the teeth are developing, but topical fluoride can benefit any tooth for the duration of a person’s life.  This means fluoride varnish benefits not only children but adults too!

After dental cleanings, or other procedures, your dentist or dental hygienist can apply fluoride varnish.  Some dental insurances cover fluoride varnish in children and adults, while others only cover it under certain ages.  Adams and Cheek Dentistry offers fluoride varnish at a reasonable fee so it can be available to all patients.

So how does fluoride varnish prevent cavities?

  • Fluoride slows down the development of decay by stopping demineralization.
  • It makes the enamel more resistant to acid from bacteria found in plaque and helps remineralization of the tooth with fluoride ions making the tooth surface stronger and more resistant to decay.
  • It can stop bacterial metabolism to produce less acid.

Varnish sticks to the teeth and releases over the next few hours.  No more trays or foam! Because it sticks to the teeth, it is safe to use on children and adults of all ages.

Adams and Cheek Dentistry offers varnish to all of our patients.  Call us today at (919)866-1360 to make your appointment today! Or click here to schedule online.

To read more about the benefits of fluoride treatments from ADA click here!

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