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Dr Craig Q. Adams, DMD, PA, Raleigh Dentist Dr. William B. Cheek, DDS, PA, Raleigh DentistOur goal at Adams & Cheek Dentistry is to foster enduring relationships while focusing on education and prevention. We provide the highest quality dental care with the greatest integrity for our patients in a comfortable atmosphere. Without bias, our office treats not only teeth, but people.

In our North Raleigh dentist office, we are pleased to be able to serve our community with quality dental care at all levels. We feature a wide range of routine and cosmetic dental services including bridges, teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, TMJ therapy, sedation therapy, dental implants and many other important procedures.

Dr. Craig Q. Adams (pictured left) is a native of Kentucky and began practicing dentistry in Raleigh in August of 1987. More about Dr Adams…

Dr. William B. Cheek (pictured right) is a native of Raleigh and was once a patient of Dr. Adams while in dentistry school. Dr. Cheek joined the practice in 2006. More about Dr. Cheek…

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

You should visit your dentist at least every six months or more frequently to get your teeth cleaned. By seeing your dentist twice a year, your dentist can monitor your oral health and help you prevent any problems that may arise before they became uncomfortable or require more comprehensive or expensive treatment.

Our Raleigh dentist office may suggest more frequent visits, depending on the diagnosis.

There is a pad or disk that separates the jaw bone from the base of the skull. The primary cause of the “popping” occurs when you open your mouth too wide and the jaw bone “pops” off the pad or disk. Treatment is not required unless pain is associated with the “pop” or the jaw locks.

In our Raleigh dentist office, we can diagnosis and suggest measures for treatment of this “popping” condition.

Grinding your teeth can be very damaging to the teeth and also difficult to stop. If vigorous grinding occurs at night, teeth can be worn down to the gumline because the instinctive reflex to stop does not work while you are sleeping.

Grinding due to stress can only be cured by removing the stress trigger. If grinding continues, a nightguard may be prescribed to prevent ultimate damage to the teeth.

Bad breath, or halitosis, is primarily caused by poor oral hygiene, but can also can be caused by retained food particles, gum disease, drainage from sinus dripping or systemic, respiratory or gastrointestinal problems. Proper brushing including brushing the tongue, cheeks, and the roof of the mouth will remove bacteria and food particles.

Flossing removes accumulated bacteria, plaque and food that may be trapped between teeth. Mouth rinses are effective in temporary relief of bad breath. Consult your dentist and/or physician if the condition persists.

Bleeding gums is an early indicator of gingivitis, or swollen gums, usually caused by plaque and/or calculus accumulated under the gumline. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to bone loss and eventual tooth loss.

Gingivitis can be reversed by proper brushing and flossing within a few weeks. If bleeding persists two to three weeks, consult your dentist.

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