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The Importance of Fluoride Varnish

What would you say if someone told you there was a simple way to prevent cavities?! What if you learned that it is relatively inexpensive and takes less than 1 minute? The good news is that there is! Fluoride treatments after dental cleanings have been shown to prevent future decay by up to 60%.  That …


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed? For young adults, wisdom teeth removal is a common concern. The majority of people have four third molars (aka wisdom teeth) that begin to erupt in the teenage years. However, few people have enough room in their mouth for them. There are several reasons why it …


A Falls River Favorite

Adams and Cheek Dentistry was happy to learn last year that the Next Door Neighborhood website named us as a “favorite dental practice” in the Falls River neighborhood! Although Dr Adams has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years, we have been in the Falls River area since January 2002. During this time we have …


Tis the Season For A Drink? Is Alcohol Good or Bad For Your Mouth?

Research shows that enjoying an adult beverage from time to time is, surprisingly, good for us! Of course, with every endorsement that seems too good to be true, there is normally a caveat somewhere. With regards to alcohol, it’s that booze simply isn’t great for your oral health. So, if you’re drinking more to help …


Dental Emergencies-What To Do and When To Call Us

Like most emergencies, dental emergencies happen at unpredictable, inconvenient times. Failure to seek treatment for a dental emergency may increase the risk of permanent damage or more expensive treatment later. Conversely, you can easily treat some situations at home. Here are some examples of dental emergencies and advice on what to do and when to …


Holiday Sweets and Healthy Teeth

Holidays Bring Too Many Sweets Kids love candy, and while we know it’s not good for them, we also know they’re going to eat it. “fun size” candy, candy canes, and chocolate Santas can be just a way of life this time of year. So how best to survive the holidays that are traditionally surrounded by sugar? …


Systemic Benefits of Good Dental Hygiene

They say the mouth is the window to the body. All sorts of health concerns exhibit symptoms in the mouth: diabetes and celiac disease to name two. If certain diseases can be detected in our mouth, is it also possible to prevent certain illnesses by taking better care of our teeth? Researchers think so, and they’re …


Weight Loss and Oral Health

Weight loss is often on the forefront of our minds. Diet and exercise both play important roles in weight loss. As it turns out, diet and exercise also play important roles in maintaining good oral health. Let’s look at a few examples. Better food choices. As you choose healthier foods for your body, you are …


Dental Insurance Alternative

Need a Dentist? No Insurance? Are you looking for a dentist in Raleigh, NC? Are you without dental insurance? Don’t pay outrageous premiums! Come see us at Adams and Cheek Dentistry! We are your option for affordable dentistry even without insurance. At Adams and Cheek Dentistry, we believe everyone should have access to excellent dental care and understand the …


7 New Ways To Prepare For Fall

There are a lot of “sevens” in September. There’s the name which is derived from the Latin “Septem,” literally meaning seven; then there’s the fact that other than the vowel “e,” the word September has seven different letters in it; and there’s the curious fact that September was actually the seventh month of the year …